Fast and painless content delivery to any channel


Flotiq is a content management platform for designing and publishing content APIs . It's an extensible headless CMS with OpenAPI compliance for customers to publish their APIs and immediately integrate them with thousands of other services.

How they use Cloudflare

The company that built Flotiq, CodeWave, is a Cloudflare partner with extensive experience using Cloudflare's network. Flotiq leverages Cloudflare’s Workers for edge processing to offload huge amounts of compute from their servers, allowing computation to run as close to the customer as possible.

To build their platform, Flotiq uses Cloudflare Workers, Pages and Workers KV in several applications, ranging from website hosting to API call tracking and rate limiting. For the customer-facing Content API, Flotiq uses Cloudflare Images allowing customers to store and optimize assets for global distribution on Cloudflare’s network.

Why Cloudflare?

“The possibilities offered by Cloudflare's edge computing are unparalleled! When our engineers designed Flotiq, they decided to choose Cloudflare's services for its unbeatable performance and best-in-class tools for content delivery and processing at the edge.”