Free collaborative real-time 3D platform for learners and creators


Equimake is a free collaborative platform for learners and creators to create and share interactive 3D experiences on the web in real-time. The user-friendly interface is designed for beginners and experts to create 3D experiences on the web, ensuring a smooth learning curve for all users. As a community-first platform, learners can discover one another, collaborate on projects, build social hubs and share 3D projects with the community.

How they use cloudflare

To build a truly collaborative platform, the development team considered three main objectives: provide a fast and seamless user experience; allow users to collaborate and co-create in real time; and the ability to scale without breaking the bank. For Equimake, Cloudflare's Developer Platform checked all of the boxes.

To support 3D experiences on screen for multiple users around the world, Durable Objects became the backbone of the Equimake platform, allowing for multiple artists to collaborate and co-create on the same screen in real time while maintaining the application’s state across projects.

Adding to the tech stack is Cloudflare Pages for front-end development and deployments across Cloudflare’s global network to deploy projects closer to the end user. R2 object storage is used for easy access to a 3D model library and textures, with D1 storing user data and Workers KV to manage caching for frequent requests.

Future plans for Equimake include expanding the use of Workers KV for gaming and extension systems to allow users the ability to write scripts for 3D projects; and integrating Workers AI to build a potential chat bot to help non-technical users get more familiar with prompts.

Why Cloudflare?

"For Equimake, it was very important to choose the right cloud provider. With Cloudflare we not only got an amazing developer platform, but an entire community of developers and staff members which helped us on Discord and forums.”

“We were able to scale globally and focus on writing application code, and gained momentum to deliver the best experience to our users around the globe. Cloudflare Pages, D1, KV, R2 and Durable Objects helped us keep our bills low and have collaborative 3D worlds running in more than 60 countries."