Powering the future of marketplace commerce

Embley is a Marketplace Automation Platform that powers the future of marketplace commerce by enabling businesses to scale better and faster.

The platform combines the most advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Process Mining to strengthen a fast end-to-end business process automation with products tailored to marketplaces businesses.

How they use Cloudflare

Cloudflare powers Embley’s frontend through Cloudflare Pages that serves what they call the “control center” to the users at the edge. The control center is the core of the back-office tools that users use to manage their marketplace operations. The backend is powered by Workers, providing a serverless execution environment, connected to the frontend through the Cloudflare API Gateway.

Why Cloudflare?

“The primary reasons for choosing Cloudflare are the powerful serverless products that enable us to run an entire tech stack without having to care about infrastructure. Also, the scalability of Cloudflare’s global network is appealing. Finally, security is embedded into Cloudflare through the Zero Trust platform that enable us to secure both production but also the lower environments including the secured access to internal systems and apps.”