Embed any Notion page effortlessly with just a few clicks


EmbedNotionPages.com enables users to embed Notions in their own website or blog with just one-click. Designed to support all types of Notion blocks, the tool offers a WordPress plugin for seamless integration of Notion content into external web platforms, ensuring embedded Notion pages are automatically updated to reflect any changes made to an application.

How they use Cloudflare

Embed Notion Pages leverages Cloudflare Pages to build and publish the entire user interface, and Cloudflare Workers to build functions that target specific aspects of the application, allowing users to apply customizations, logic, and embedding flexibility on their websites.

To make web assets more dynamic, Embed Notion Pages takes advantage of Cloudflare Images to ensure images seamlessly load on different device types, while using R2 as a public-facing content storage. The team also combined Workers with Workers KV to build an infrastructure designed to minimize database queries, using it less as a cache and more as an edge database within the Worker.

By building on the Developer Platform, Embed Notion Pages is able to consolidate developer tools with a single point of contact to manage the front-end, back-end, domain, and DNS, allowing the team to distribute programming at scale.

Why Cloudflare?

“I started with Cloudflare DNS and slowly started adopting more and more Cloudflare products. I was surprised to see that once I tried Pages, the edge infra was way better than any other vendors in the space. Cloudflare’s edge computing is as sophisticated as you need it to be. You can build both a weekend project or PaaS products on Cloudflare.”