Building and connecting online communities


Discourse.org is a modern, open-source discussion platform powering over 20,000 online communities from small hobby groups to forums for some of the largest companies worldwide. Designed for community leaders to build and grow their online communities, Discourse.org makes it easy to have meaningful conversations and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

How they use Cloudflare

Through Discourse AI, communities can take advantage of AI features that enhance current offerings to make community experiences better in every way possible.

Discourse uses Cloudflare’s Workers AI on the Cloudflare Discourse community, to run embedding models to power the Related Topics feature. This produces relevant results within communities, giving customers additional flexibility when finding and accessing related topics.

Why Cloudflare?

“Workers AI is currently one of the free & open-source ways to get Related Topics in Discourse using a high-performing embeddings model to give our customers additional flexibility in terms of powering their Discourse AI features."