Accelerating rating the application update process


Capgo is a 100% open-source live updates system allowing developer teams to ship app updates and new features within minutes, avoiding frustrating delays one might experience in running a traditional App Store update. With Capgo, there’s no need to wait for app re-downloads! To improve the application update process, Capgo lets users bypass the storefront and push updates automatically. Updates take place in the background when the application is opened for developer teams to quickly see bug fixes in action.

Capgo hosts over 750 apps with over 23.5M updates (and growing) delivered around the globe, allowing developers to ship live updates, bug fixes, content changes and features with a user-friendly CLI tool. With Capgo, app developers can launch multiple releases per week with an impressive 81% increase in efficiency to make instant changes and bug fixes for faster releases.

Capgo is compatible with Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, Jenkins, Cloudbees, Travis, Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, CircleCI, and many more allowing developers to easily combine Capgo features into your current CI/CD platform.

How do they use Cloudflare?

Before using Cloudflare Workers, Capgo ran requests through the supabase edge functions and encountered problems with latency and high-request volumes turning into high cost. After placing Workers in front of the API to transform URLs from the old app to a new one, Capgo transferred all edge functions to Workers, seeing a 15x reduction in cost!

Capgo also used an incumbent storage option that was quite expensive. Cloudflare R2 showed to be a more favorable choice from a cost perspective as usage scaled up. With R2, Capgo saw a 50x reduction in cost.

Lastly, Capgo experienced a latency problem due to the end points with their existing database located far away from the end user. Capgo decided to migrate their relational database to Cloudflare D1, resulting in super fast speeds and significant cost savings.

Why Cloudflare?

“We’ve used Cloudflare for DNS a long time ago. Any place you bought domains was expensive and mundane. Cloudflare made it easy to host your DNS. And after we saw in the dashboard there were a few products we could leverage like Argo, we saw a huge boost in SEO”

“In terms of solution suite, Cloudflare is 10x easier to use than other developer platforms. Although we liked what other competitor services offered, the cost, UX, and integrations made it a bit prohibitive to build at our size. Cloudflare really helped bridge that gap.”