Making your development easier and faster

About is a developer-focused, GitHub-integrated development and deployment platform aimed at simplifying the deployment process to enhance developer productivity. It supports the development and deployment of both frontend and backend applications, leveraging the speed of Cloudflare. emphasizes ease of use with tools like a Browser Terminal and CLI, offering various plans from hobbyist to professional and startup levels, each designed to meet different project and business needs. Users connect via Github to start a new project, then choose a template, edit code then deploys in seconds.

How they use Cloudflare

After participating in the 2022 Workers Launchpad Funding Program, Bohr didn’t officially launch its platform until 2023. At that point, didn't even have a homepage. Fast forward to today and Bohr has almost 5,000 users developing projects on the platform. And with a recent partnership with Azion, Bohr has goals to expand even further to build a multi-cloud / multi-edge platform…which means reducing cost is a big value.

After using Cloudflare on previous projects, the developers felt the obvious choice was to use Cloudflare to build In addition to using Cloudflare DNS to register domains for customers, Bohr uses Cloudflare Workers for front end resources to identify the type of content to be displayed, then searches for content in Workers KV to return data to the user. On the backend, Workers also acts as a proxy and redirects requests to an external resource. With building on the Cloudflare Developer Platform, Bohr can maintain costs under $1K a month.

Why Cloudflare

“The highlight is that every developer likes the platform. We feel we can deliver on a great experience at a super low cost and Cloudflare makes it 30% cheaper for us than with other providers.”