Streamline and improve ecommerce customer service

Azule was founded to apply the power of AI to streamline and improve ecommerce customer service. For the first time ever, we can now dynamically generate, deploy, and test code to meet specific user needs or integrations. This kind of flexibility is crucial Azule that is designed to meet this demand, offering a platform that can handle complex requirements and provide flexible integration options with other tools.

How they use Cloudflare

The application relies on multiple Developer Platform and Cloudflare products and services including:

  • Durable Objects and websockets are used for live chat
  • Queues for data processing; R2 for all data storage, including vector storage.
  • R2 and cache API for on-disk vector search
  • Workers KV for storing frequently accessed configuration data;
  • D1 was implemented for their user database
  • Constellation (now Workers AI) for various labeling and summarization tasks;
  • Workers for Platforms allows Azule AI to write and deploy custom features
  • Pages for hosting our landing page and marketing content

Why Cloudflare?

Everything Cloudflare builds has web optimization in mind and so it only makes sense to invest in the platform. By building on Cloudflare, we've made significant cost reductions, particularly by moving all our search solutions to R2.