Transcribe, Analyze and Translate Audio Files


Audioflare is an all-in-one AI audio playground to transcribe, analyze, summarize, and translate any 30-second audio file into 9 languages.

How they use Cloudflare Audioflare relies on Cloudflare Workers AI to simplify the orchestration of various AI models and tasks, ensuring modular and efficient processing within the audio pipeline. Cloudflare Workers AI interacts through REST API calls to streamline audio processing tasks by treating each AI function as a separate API endpoint.

Along with open sourced libraries and open sourced models to power its backend, Audioflare relies on Cloudflare Workers AI primarily for running inference tasks, such as:

  • Processing audio files for transcription
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Language translation to utilize various AI models (OpenAI's Whisper and Meta's m2m100-1.2b)

Audioflare also leverages Cloudflare's AI Gateway for managing the performance and reliability of the AI Workers deployed in Audioflare to provide crucial features for:

  • Analytics for tracking requests and usage
  • Logging for monitoring operations and errors
  • Caching for improved response times and cost efficiency
  • Rate limiting to manage application scaling.

Why Cloudflare? “Workers AI is a good experience given it's fairly new. It's amazing how the free access just gets developers playing with the product, even with the open beta limits. To make it free and available, I think it's a great way for developers to experience AI at no cost.”