Revolutionizing engagement with business documents

42able.AI is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing engagement with business documents. Through cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies, the company seeks to streamline, enhance, and redefine the way businesses interact with their documents.

How they use Cloudflare

42able chose Cloudflare for fantastic performance in comparison to other cloud providers, in part due to the no cold boot times, competitive pricing, ease of use, fantastic local development features, and brilliant support. Their development times have decreased through the use of:

  • Workers for all the APIs and re-occurring cron scripts
  • Pages for all application/platform front-end hosting
  • Workers KV for Angular apps
  • R2 to store cached personal user data

Why Cloudflare?

"Training and deploying AI models is challenging. Cloudflare's solutions are making it much easier, than managing all the individual parts ourselves.”