Speed, meet simplicity.

Build blazing fast websites by seamlessly deploying static assets alongside your APIs and application code.

Starting at $5/mo
(Included in a Workers Unlimited plan)
Step-by-step instructions
From signup to site in under 5 minutes
1. Sign up for Workers Unlimited.
The signup process will guide you through choosing a workers.dev subdomain, selecting the Workers Unlimited plan, and veryifying your email address.

Sign up

The signup process will guide you through choosing a workers.dev subdomain, selecting the Workers Unlimited plan, and veryifying your email address.

2. Install and configure Wrangler, the Workers CLI.

From any directory, use NPM to install Wrangler globally:

~/ $ npm install -g @cloudflare/wrangler

To configure Wrangler, grab your Global API key from your Profile.

Then run the configure command and interactively enter your email address and this API key:

~/ $ wrangler config
Enter email:
Enter api key:
3. Create your first site in under 3 minutes

To create a new site, just generate it with the --site flag:

~/ $ wrangler generate --site my-site

That will create a directory called my-site with all of the initial files necessary to create a basic site. Enter into that directory:

~/ $ cd my-site

From that directory, you can deploy the site to your workers.dev subdomain using one simple command:

~/my-site $ wrangler publish
Published https://my-site.<subdomain>.workers.dev

If you’d like more info on deploying an existing static site, follow our general quick start. Or you can watch this tutorial in which we create & deploy a site from create‑react‑app in under 3 minutes:

4. Take things to the next level.

Learn how to extend a static site using serverless functions by visiting the docs and template gallery.

Your site. Our network.

Global network illustration
Global network illustration

Distributed to the world.

Move content close to your visitors—all of the time. Deploy your site directly to Cloudflare’s network which is milliseconds away from virtually every Internet user. No additional caching setup required.
Static to dynamic illustration
Static to dynamic illustration

Static assets. Dynamic sites.

Deploying static assets doesn’t mean your site can’t be dynamic. Use Workers to give your pages life via responsive APIs or by modifying the page before it ever reaches the user. Go further and add automatic translations or dynamically change prices without client side JavaScript.
All-in-one illustration
All-in-one illustration

Assets. APIs. All-in-one.

Do you need to handle uploads, accept form submissions, validate content, without slowing down your site? Backend meets frontend at the nearest Cloudflare location to your user, meaning sites start fast and stay fast throughout the entire user experience.
Workers Unlimited illustration
Workers Unlimited illustration

Workers... Unlimited.

Workers Sites requires the Workers Unlimited plan—starting at $5 per month. Workers Unlimited includes 10 million requests, 1 GB of Workers KV storage, and 1 million KV reads and writes each month with pay as you go pricing for additional usage.

Workers Unlimited plan
(Includes Workers Sites)

$0.50/million requests per month
(Minimum charge of $5/mo)
  • Deploy up to 30 sites
  • Free workers.dev subdomain
  • 1 gigabyte of storage
  • Up to 50ms CPU time per request
  • Runs on all 194 data centers
  • Always lowest latency