Generating a Project

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for new and returning users alike to get up and running with Workers by including support for templates in Wrangler. Wrangler’s generate subcommand allows you to create new projects based on existing templates. Passing an additional argument to generate will set the “name” of the project, as well as the directory the project will be created in:

Generate a Project

💡 Protip: If you’re ever unsure what a Wrangler subcommand does, like wrangler generate, try adding --help to the end of the command.

Once the project has been generated, you can navigate into the newly generated project directory, and look at the list of files created:

$ cd my-worker
$ ls

By default, Wrangler generates projects using our JavaScript template, which enables building Workers projects with JavaScript. We also maintain a great list of templates in our Template Gallery, designed to help you get started quickly with Workers based on what you need in your project.

Using a custom template is easy - simply pass the GitHub URL of your template into wrangler generate:

$ wrangler generate my-router-app

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