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Codeskulls is a learning platform where you find C, C++, Python, Java, and Data Structures, Algorithms and more. Problem solving is the best approach to learn in programming. We made it easy for beginners by making video animations so that they enjoy the visuals of programming concepts in our YouTube ( The more you see, the more you remember. On our site, every program is explained in various languages and images.

Why Workers?

Cloudflare Workers are the fastest among all other serverless hosting providers. Our Google page insights score was 80 before using Cloudflare workers, but after migrating to Cloudflare Workers, our score was boosted to 99 for desktop. I can focus only on the code content and not worry at all about the infrastructure. Cloudflare Workers lets us serve content to end-users all over the world at really fast speeds. Static assets such as images on the website are delivered from the Edge servers around the world. I look forward to using Cloudflare Workers for future projects.

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