CDN Planet

Facts, figures, opinion and tools to help you select the right CDN.


CDN Planet is a website to learn about content delivery networks and the CDN providers (POP locations, products, features, etc). Useful information, handy tools and easy side-by-side comparison of providers will help you select the CDN that best meets your needs.

Why Workers?

Our website is built with a static site generator and we have a global audience, so Cloudflare Workers Sites was a great fit, but being able to build an originless API with Workers made the fit perfect. Our CDN Finder tool is built entirely in Workers, leverages the HTMLRewriter for fast parsing of remote fetched webpages and stores results in KV. From a developer perspective, Cloudflare Workers is a joy to use, especially since it's so easy to have a dev, staging and production environment.

Also built with Workers...