Built with Workers

↳ This site.

This site itself is built with Cloudflare Workers. It’s developed with Gatsby, content-backed by Sanity, and deployed using Wrangler, the Workers CLI, as a Workers Site.

In addition, Built with Workers also contains a number of enhancements made possible by the streaming HTML rewriter available in the Workers runtime. Every user to the site can "bookmark" projects that they find exciting or interesting – this bookmark is stored as state inside of Workers KV, and is specific to a user and their device. This "edge state" mechanism is something we're really excited about, and it's a feature that's really only possible on Cloudflare Workers.

For more information on how we built Built with Workers, the technical choices we've made, and how we think it represents an exciting glimpse at the future of web apps, check out the technical blog post published on the Cloudflare blog.